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Battery for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

This smartphone set new design standards with its curved and functional screen edges, combining elegance and technology in the top model of the South Korean manufacturer, and our Hagnaven Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge battery is just as impressive thanks to our Scandinavian design and provides your S6 Edge with the overwhelming power from the far north even in the most remote places!

We will show you with our step by step instructions how to easily replace the Galaxy S6 Edge battery and give you tips worth knowing, so that soon a green heart beats within your smartphone.

Preparation for the Galaxy S6 Edge battery replacement

Before you begin with the removal of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge battery, you should consider a few points in the preparation. First and foremost, find a workstation that is bright enough and has enough space to remove and install your Galaxy S6 battery. Now you should place everything within reach. This includes not only your smartphone and tools but also a hair dryer. You need this to open the case later. Place a small bowl ready for you, where you can store items such as screws during removal and installation. And of course your new Hagnaven Galaxy S6 battery should not be far away either.

If you have a few more questions about the preparation, you can of course contact our support at any time. Or take a look at our FAQ.

If you are not sure which tools are needed for the conversion, then here you will find a list of all the necessary tools and tools. And as soon as everything is ready it can start!

The tools

  • Werkzeuge für Galaxy S6 Edge Akkuaustausch
  • Spatula
  • Schraubenzieher für den Austausch des Galaxy S6 Edge Akkus
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Torxschraubenzieher für den Akkuaustausch beim Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Torx screwdriver
  • Hilfsmittel um Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Akku auzutauschen
  • Plectrum
  • Saugnapf für den Akkuaustausch beim Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Suction cup
  • Werkzeuge um den Galaxy S6 Edge Akku auszutauschen
  • Sim-Kartennadel

You need:

  • 2 x Spatula
  • 1 x Phillips screwdriver
  • 2 x Torx screwdriver
  • 1 x Plectrum
  • 1 x Suction cup
  • 1 x Sim-Kartennadel

Step by step instructions

Is everything ready? Then the replacement of the battery in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can start!

Always be careful, work concentrated, follow the manufacturer's instructions, and follow the suggestions on the side.

  • Sim Karte beim Galaxy S6 Edge entnehmen01
  • Make a back up of the important data on your Galaxy S6 Edge. Shut down your S6 and remove the Sim card, the next steps get hot!

  • Galaxy S6 Edge öffnen um Akku auszutauschen02
  • Warm the back cover gently with a hair dryer, so that the glue melts and thus easily separates from the housing.

  • Attention
  • Make sure you do not overheat the smartphone. 80°C is an ideal temperature.

  • Backcover vom Galaxy S6 Edge entfernen03
  • Now take the suction cup and fasten it on the back cover. With the plectrum you can then gently pry open the smartphone.

  • Attention
  • At this point, you should work quickly but at the same time very carefully, otherwise the back cover could be damaged.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Akku auswechseln04
  • Use the Phillips screwdriver to loosen all 13 screws of the center frame.

  • Attention
  • Keep all the small parts in a bowl so that you can find them after the battery replacement.

  • Galaxy S6 Edge Akku NFC Antenne entfernen05
  • Now flip the NFC antenna upwards.

  • Attention
  • Do not completely remove NFC antenna!

  • Display aus Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge lösen06
  • Now the display is removed from the middle frame. For this you need the suction cup again. Place this in the lower half of your Galaxy S6 and pull it out of the center frame.

  • Attention
  • If removing the display is proving to be a difficult task, you can press from the other side to push the battery and the display out.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Akku austauschen07
  • Separate the smartphone and the battery with the help of the spatula and remove the battery from the case.

  • Attention
  • The battery is attached with adhesive! Make sure that the old battery is not bent too much during removal.

  • Galaxy S6 Edge Ersatzakku Einbauanleitung08
  • Then insert your new Hagnaven Galaxy S6 battery and connect it through the connector with your smartphone.

  • Attention
  • If the adhesive has been damaged when removing the battery you can simply use a few new adhesive strips to fix the battery.

  • Akku beim Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge wechseln09
  • Rebuild the phone in reverse order.

Battery change made easy!

In our video tutorial we show you how fast and easy it is to replace the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Follow the explanations and quickly give your smartphone new strength! For the exchange, you should prepare everything well and plan in about 45 minutes.

However, if problems or difficulties occur when replacing the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery, we advise you to contact our support. It is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Compatible Galaxy S6 Edge Galaxy S6

HAGNAVEN Replacement battery

Battery for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Irrepressible force and pure strength from the far North: Hagnaven batteries give you Scandinavian power? Guaranteed! In the place where the sun often does not set we ensure that your mobile does not lose its power either.

Product features
  • Aluminium quality cells (Class A)
  • CE & RoHS certified
  • High-end Li-ion technology
  • Protection against overload, heat and short circuiting
  • 100% compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Branded product that is strictly controlled in accordance to EU standards
Technical specifications Voltage 3.85 V Capacity 2700 mAh Max. Voltage 4.4 V

Article ID 2017924-002

Manufacturer Hagnaven

EAN 4260505810924

£ 24 90